lyrical romanticismLyrical Romanticism

Jane Bazinet, has finally freed herself of her obligation to explain her art to anyone.  The Louisiana native whose style is described as dwelling “at mysterious crossroads between poetic realism and abstract expressionism,” makes a visual statement about people with romantic personalities.

“I love music, dance, opera and ballet.  I was raised in the French cajun area of Louisiana where everybody learns to dance early.”   This love is palpably evident in many of her pieces.

Her lyrical, figurative work tends to mirror her own disposition, her thoughts, her feelings.    Taking time to enjoy life, she paints calm and relaxed scenes containing, quite, pensive, elongated figures, whose poses and surrounding suggest none of the panic or anxiety that often accompany logical, rational analysis.  Her people are simply engaged in the “lost art of thinking.”

Painting the human form in pigments on canvas may be risky, but successful endeavors are magical.  We experience a resonance combining painter, viewer, and subject:  intangible…esoteric…and real.  And, in that way, our stories are all related.