The way of art; the path of an artist; is a rather curious process. On many occasions people have asked me the inevitable question about the meaning of my art; what it is I'm thinking about when I create, or even more difficult, how it is that I develop my concepts. I have long been troubled by these questions and when reaching for a reply have always felt somewhat pretentious; my answers feeling forced and staged.

I have devoted my entire adult life to my it has consumed me, driven me, haunted me, passed through me like the worst kind of fever, and in retrospect I must honestly admit that this artistic compulsion is an entity of its own and I but a pawn in its grasp. I will tell you honestly that there have been many occasions when I have sworn off art, my art, telling myself that I didn't need the frustration; that I was tired of the anxiety and uncertainty associated with the lifestyle of an artist.

But that's the point; that's precisely the point that I'm trying to get across; my desire to be done with art, to be done with compulsion, was a desire born of rational thought. It was something that the slow and easy common sense part of my being sought. But I never gave in to that calling, for I could now I am an artist and an artist is pulled by tides irrational and strong; because art is not the product of cold logic; it is the result of intuition and suspended judgement.

So a rational mind comes along and inquires as to the meaning of my art and I resort to language, a logical process, in an attempt to answer that which is illogical. When I first began my artistic career I attempted to give meaning to all of my art. I would attempt to create a painting that dealt with a social issue or a political-philosophical question. I would consciously seek a concept and attempt to tailor my art to it. For me the process never worked well.

The thoughtful and calculating nature of the process killed something sacred. It took me awhile to discover this. Somewhere during those early years I happened upon the key, the pathway that leads an artist home. I came to know the unknowable; that intuitive irrational aspect of the soul which we all possess, which all of us are able to use if only we learn to tap it. It was then that my art began to take on a character of its own, separate of me, if you will.